North Face Coats – Warmth in Style

The North Face is a company that sells outdoor gear – like camping equipment, outdoor jackets, shoes, etc, which are needed by people who go out camping and trekking to various places. This company was established in 1966 in San Francisco initially by Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth Klopp, as an outdoor equipment-selling retail store. The name “the North Face” was chosen mainly because the store sold beautiful designer apparel and camping gear for cold, snowy outdoor conditions, and snow-covered mountains in the Northern Hemisphere are among the most difficult in the world to climb. North Face coats are available for men, women and children as well. Later, as the company achieved greater success, it added more products in its line. Today, it is based at San Leandro.

North Face Coats are sturdy, warm and comfortable. Those made for women especially, are available in beautiful, striking colours like icy green, cool blue, shocking pink and blood red, which stand out in a crowd, and give you a striking appearance. The designs range from extremely simple to funky. They are beautifully cut so as to enhance your figure, while at the same time hiding that holiday fat. Most jackets made for cold, snowy winters are huge and bulky, and destroy a person’s prim figure.

North Face coats on the other hand, are pretty, delicately cut and designed to perfectly fit your size. They give your outfit an extra glow, and at the same time, keep you warm and protected from the chill. There are many varieties available, depending on the length and zip size. Some coats can be zipped up to the chin, which others can be zipped halfway up to the chest, which may be used during chilly autumns, when it is cold, but there isn’t any snow. These look especially good when teamed up with a turtle neck sweater.

North Face coats understand that you are someone who is conscious of her looks, and would like to appear cool and stylish, even in the snowy winters. They can be purchased online. Grab one today!

Discover The Complete Array Of North Face Products For Any Outdoor Sport

Regardless of the type of sporting goods you are looking for, perhaps one of the best-known brands in the world is The North Face. Although it is an extremely iconic brand, the camping, sporting goods, ski wear and outerwear that they offer is of the highest quality available anywhere, and is available to anyone, anywhere in the world. The North Face has always been dedicated to pushing the boundaries, by providing wearers with warm, comfortable, functional and stylish products. You can find North Face products a variety of stores on the Internet, but the best companies that carry these products will carry additional traveling, camping, sporting goods, outdoors, climbing, mountaineering and other products as well.

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North Face: Reasons Behind Its Success

North Face is an outdoor equipment retail store that offers huge selection of clothes and equipments designed for outdoor activities and extreme sports. Their main office is located in United States particularly in San Leandro, California near its corporate sister company JanSports who was recognized as the world’s largest backpack maker that supplies almost all areas in the United States and to the neighboring continent. The company is now owned by the VF Corporation, which also owns the well-known brands like Lee, Wrangler and Vans. But the company does not just operate solely in the United State they also offers their line of products to the different parts of the world like in Europe, Asia, Canada, Australia and Latin America.

But do you know that the company that has been look up nowadays as huge manufacturer of outdoor equipments used to be just a small retail store before? You heard it right, North Face started as a simple retail store in north beach neighborhood in San Francisco, California in 1966 owned by Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth Klopp.

It was three years after in around 1968 that the owners decided to transfer the store location to Berkeley where they venture with other products that would cater the needs of the outdoor sports enthusiasts. And because of this idea alone in the year 1980 the company launched its first ever ski wears such as ski jackets and ski pants and foot wears designed to offer comfort and safety to ski lovers. As years pass by with the rise of the different outdoor products, come late 1990s and early 2000s together with the rise of wilderness chic, the company became a well-known brand with its popularity became known among the youth and college students.

Because of the introduction of extreme sports and the fast rising popularity, different outdoor products and equipment retail store came into picture as well. The company came up with two marketing strategy that kept the company’s profile to outdoor sports in top shape. One of this strategy is to engage themselves in any outdoor activities through giving sponsorships to major events like the recently concluded ski challenge, Lavaredo Ultra Trail in the Italian Dolomite Mountains and the Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc in France of whom Lizzy Hawker bag the major prize and the championship trophy.

Their second strategy was to seize the opportunity of internet technology. With its millions and millions of subscribers it is no doubt that the company’s online services became one of the busiest internet sites in the World Wide Web. It is because of these strategies that North Face still remains in the number one spot in terms of manufacturing sports outdoor equipments, with more than 43 retail store in the United States alone and an increasing number of store into the different parts of the world.

Until now the company maintains its strong associations with the outdoor community. And come the third quarter of this year the company proudly presented that their marketing strategies does not go to waste based on their recent quarter profit increase.

North Face: Its Origin and Rise of Popularity

North Face started as a simple equipment retail store in San Francisco, California in 1966 by owners Douglas Tompkins and Kenneth Klopp. It was said that the company’s name was derived on the northern part of the mountain in the northern hemisphere which is generally the most difficult part to climb. The brands logo consists of a slightly skewed quarter-circle with two lines running within it. The image of the logo then is interpreted from the half dome which happens to be a massive granite monolith in Yosemite National Park and was viewed from the west with the sheer north or northwest face of half dome to the left.

In the year 1980s that skiwear such as jackets, foot wears, and pants as well as camping equipments like sleeping bags and tents were added to the line of the company products. And the company is now then solely owned subsidiary of the VF Corporation.

During late 1990s and early 2000s with the rise of wilderness chic, the company became a well-known brand with its popularity became known among the youth and college students. Their backpacks then became one of the most in demand products in the markets because of its huge selection of uses from fashion, collection down to its main purposes providing a hassle free situation for students who needs to bring a lot of books in going to school.

As of today North Face is presently based in San Leandro, California near its corporate sibling the JanSports Company who was now recognize as the worlds largest backpack maker that supplies small backpack in many of their retailer stores in most of the places in the united states together with their sister company which is the north face. And as years pass by the company is not just known with their backpacks but they are also known for its other outdoor product such as outer wears, fleece, footwear and equipments such as backpacks, sleeping bags, and tents. Their clothing line includes jackets, jogging pants and shoes and equipment apparels like the backpacks cater all type of outdoor sports from mountain climbing where they offer high quality foot wears, gears and apparels for negotiating treacherous terrain and endurance athletes as in the case of people who loves to run wherein they offer them an apparel that would help them go stronger and test their strengths beyond their limits down to skiing and snowboarding where they provide a type of board that would ensure the safety of the snowboarders.

At present the company already has more than 43 retail stores in different areas of the United States as of November 2010 and other retail locations that can be found to the different parts of the world. Other than that the company now also provides online services for those customers who are too far from their retail stores in this ways they provide their customers convenience and time saving. Until now the company maintains its strong associations with the outdoor community through its sponsored athlete program.