Prevent Colds During the Winter, Use North Face Jackets

The winter season is here once again, and it is not called the “cold” season for nothing. Extremes in temperatures during this period ensure us that another bout of the flu is coming. While colds will not kill you, your immune system can certainly be damaged during this time, thus giving opportunistic microbes the chance to wreak havoc on your body.

As people do very well say, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and this also goes with colds. And even if you do get your flu shots on time, there are still those instances when you just can’t help but sniffle. It is now recommended that an annual flu vaccination be done since new strains of cold viruses are being discovered on an almost daily basis. This is especially important for people who are most at risk of getting severe complications from getting the flu, such as health care workers, persons with diabetes and chronic kidney diseases, and also cardiac disease patients.

Hand washing is of utmost importance in the prevention of colds. Flu viruses can survive in moist, warm places and is easily passed on from person to person through hand to hand contact, or even in accidentally touching a surface with a flu virus. Effective hand washing should be utilized in order to prevent the spread of these germs. It is currently advocated to wash both hands thoroughly more than five times a day, or as frequently as needed, for five minutes or more. A special trick used on children to help them remember how long they should wash is to sing the “Happy Birthday” song twice.

Sneeze or cough into a tissue or into the crook of your arm, not on your hands. If you are already harboring the virus, you can help prevent its spread by blowing into a sanitary tissue. Sneezing into your hands would increase the chance of transferring it to another person during a handshake.

During the cold season, you should often wash or change the hand towels in your bathrooms or sinks, as often as every three or four days. This would prevent germs from harboring into them, thus inhibiting the flu cycle. Make sure that you use hot water and an antibacterial detergent in order to eradicate the germs.

Take a walk, do aerobics, ride a bicycle, anything to keep you moving. It has been proven in many studies that exercise can boost the immune system, thus preventing cold viruses from taking hold in your body. Do not let the winter season deter you from going outdoors. Don your winter apparel and go ahead with your fitness routine in the open air. The North Face jackets are especially designed to give you comfort and style during this season. Aside from keeping you warm and cozy, their jackets and accessories are lightweight, so you do not have to run around with weighty clothing. The North Face jackets are constructed with water- and wind-resistant materials so you can still enjoy your exercise at any time of the year.