Safety on the Slopes: How North Face Jackets Can Prevent Hypothermia

You family and friends have already made plans for the trip since a few months back. Everyone is excited and already raring to go. You pack up your things, making sure nothing essential is being forgotten. Snowboard, already packed in the car; goggles, got them dangling right under my chin; mittens, check; ski pants, already warm and cozy in them; snow shoes, yup. Are you wondering what is missing in your wardrobe? A ski jacket, of course! It’s the most important piece of clothing you will ever need when you are in the slopes. Aside from keeping the elements outside, it will keep you warm and cozy inside.

It is well known that hypothermia can wreak havoc in one’s bodily functions. Full body immersion in cold water for thirty minutes has been known to cause the death of a person due to sudden cardiac arrest or fibrillation, unless external heat is rapidly applied and life support is initiated immediately. This is due to the loss of the brain’s ability to effectively regulate body temperature. Brain function also become depressed, which may then cause sleepiness and clouding of judgment, and later in extreme cases can cause coma. When surface areas of the body become frozen due to extremely low temperatures, frostbite can ensue. This typically involves the earlobes and digits of the hands and feet, in places where blood vessels are small, and warm blood flow is minimal. Areas damaged by frostbite usually require surgical removal to inhibit complications of gangrene.

To prevent accidents from happening on your ski trip, it is important that proper equipment and accessories are being used. The sun’s reflection off the snow may cause nasty burns even at lower temperatures. Generously apply sun block with a high sun protection factor or SPF to avoid getting this. You may also apply a lip moisturizer frequently since cold temperatures can cause chafing of the lips. Use protective apparel. The North Face has a variety of outdoor paraphernalia which can make your trip not only a memorable one, but also a safe one. North Face jackets have special insulating capacities which make them ideal to use not only during ski trips but also throughout the cold season. North Face jackets have special linings which conserve body heat by reflecting the heat produced by the body back to it. They also have layers which absorb sweat and moisture away from the body, thus keeping the wearer warm and dry. Their jackets are also waterproof, so you stay protected from the elements even when making your perfect snowman, creating snow angels, or simply rolling on the snow. Keep in mind that layering your clothing is also important in keeping you warm during this cold season. Turtle neck sweaters are a must for Accessorize your wardrobe by putting on colorful hand mittens and ear muffs, giving you additional protection from the cold. Even if you are a professional skier already, it is just as important that proper ski goggles are used. Quality ski goggles do not fog up easily compared with cheap but useless ones. Lastly, the greatest accessory you can have is a friend or a family member. It is best to ski with someone whom you can trust.